Having troubles connecting the Wii to my Mac (internet sharing)

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by the8thark, Jul 24, 2013.

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    I have tried for a while now to connect my Wii (Not WiiU) to the Mac so I can update the system software and do a few other things. But no matter what I do, it just won't connect. I have been able to get it to connect in the past (using old white iMac and I forget which version of OS X at the time). But now (on my new 2011 Alu iMac) nothing.

    I have read this topic (and many others) on what to do.
    And I followed that basically and it connects but I get error 52130.

    This error basically means:

    According to nintendo:
    "Likely cause: The wireless router is incorrectly connected, or the Wii console will need a DNS manually entered."

    According to Wii Error Codes:
    "This error is caused by a wireless router firewall issue."

    I have looked into all of this. And even disabled my firewall on my Mac (not fiddled with the router settings though) for a quick test only. And the same error. I just don't know what to do about it. I am pretty sure the DNS, IP and other into entered into the wii is correct.

    How I am trying to do this is like how I did it in the past. Have internet into the mack via ethernet and then share it via wi-fi out from the iMac direct to the Wii. I have an Airport Express I usually use via wifi for internet but I'm leaving it out of the equation for the Wii now. As I do not know how to get the Airport Express to work in this fashion:
    "internet via ethernet to the Mac -> wireless to AE -> wireless from AE to Wii"

    Does anyone have any advice they could give to me on how this could be fixed to I can get the internet connection from the Mac to the Wii working again?

    [edit] I just tried to get it to work with the old white iMac and it worked. I used a WEP password for the internet sharing. Just ethernet then shared via airport via the Mac. The Express was not used at all. I know WEP is like no protection at all but for 30 mins to update the Wii's OS for what I want to do with it, I could handle that.

    But the question is why can't I get it to work with the Alu iMac? I have to use a WPA2 password there as that's all 10.8 allows. That's a good thing as nothing less is secure. But maybe the Wii does not like it. I simply don't know why.
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    I had a bear of a time getting my Wii to connect via a Netgear Router - same weird codes.

    The only solution was to use a different router. Got a Belkin on sale for $29, set that up and it worked fine.

    I heard the Wii is super-finicky about the devices it connects with to get online.

    How are you still using a Wii for the Internet? I got a message from Nintendo that they are taking down the Wii servers the end of July. They want the users who use their console online to get a Wii U.

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