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Nov 2, 2007
Does anyone know of an official place where HBO posts titles that are new and leaving in a given month along with dates? It seems very basic but I cannot find it if it exists, and it has gotten worse with the new Max app. When it was HBO Max, there was a Last Chance section that would show a full list of titles and dates leaving. With Max, it is now just a section of tiles to scroll through in the New & Notable section, which is cumbersome to scroll through, does not show dates, and appears to be incomplete (at the time of the switch, I know of specific titles that were in Last Chance on HBO Max that weren't showing in the section for Max). There is no way to go into a full list mode and from what I can see, it looks like they are listing titles leaving they think I might be interested in, but I want to see everything.

All I want is a simple listing. Showtime has this:

Am I missing something or HBO just does not have this?
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