HD 17" SR MBP - anyone have it?


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Jan 15, 2005
I am looking at the 1920 HD MBP 17". Any opinions on this from owners? Problems? How is video editing performance with 2GB ram?
I was originally going to get mac Pro, but I need just a little bit og=f mobility. Cannot lug the MP around.


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May 9, 2007
It rocks!

Haven't done video editing on it, but I do use photoshop alot and it's just sooooo nice to have all this real estate in a laptop :-D


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Jun 21, 2004
ct, us
I just got one last week, and I'm really loving it. I don't do any video editing, but I use Aperture all the time and it handles it fairly well (its still no MacPro). ;) This machine replaces my 2.16ghz 15" MacBook Pro, and I just can't tell you how nice it is to have the extra real estate on screen. No problems either.


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Jun 5, 2007
Yep, got mine about a week after launch (as a result of the screen problems on the 2.2 15" MBP I originally bought) and it's fan-freaking-tastic.

The screen is superb, just the right balance between resolution and readability. Sound is great (I'd swear it's better than the 15" machines, did Apple use the extra real estate in the 17" chassis to change the speakers?) and it's JUST about small enough to comfortably be used on the lap. Heat problems aren't as bad as the 15" machines either, though it still gets flippin' hot, especially on that strip of metal between the keyboard and screen.

Haven't done any video editing yet but general performance is stunning. Can quite happily run recent games and playback 1080p video without a hiccup. Applications run like butter and even Office 2007 seems quick to use (well, kinda anyway).

Only problems are the screen doesn't quite sit flush when closed (but that seems to be a common issue on all MBP's) and... uh.... no, actually, that's about it. Well, it does run hot, but what laptop with those specs doesn't?