HD Crash.. Help recovering data?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Bag La Doosh, Apr 14, 2008.

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    Alright, so I'm an idiot and didn't have a few things backed up. I now have an external HD and over the past week have discontinued being an idiot. Here lies my problem. My HD in my imac crashed.. My computer wouldn't start up so I took it to the Apple Store and this is what he told me. HD crashed. So as I was there, he was able to go in and see what was on it, and pull off what I wanted...or so he claims. I had him pull my itunes library off as it was worth hundreds of bucks and also pull my Quicken data off as it handles all of my banking including my personal business info.
    I bought the new version of Quicken, threw it on my MacBook today, plugged in the external HD that the Apple employee said he backed up the Quicken data onto, and m=nothing there. Most of my itunes library was there but no Quicken.
    My long winded question is this.. The HD is out of the computer (imac that crashed) as I replaced it with a new one. Is there a place that I can send this thing to or take it to that could perhaps find the Quicken data and help me out? Like a recovery company.. It's pretty important as my wife handles banking and when I told her the data is gone she tried to jump off a cliff. Claims the IRS will come after us with a sawed off if I don't find it.
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    sorry about your drive-- you can definitely find a data recovery place-- be forewarned though they are quite expensive

    had a had drive crash on a work pc-- had to send the drive out to california and had it back within a week with 99.7% of the data recovered-- cost a few thousand dollars though, but well worth it as it had our client info on it

    good luck!
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    If you have a spare caddy that you can put the drive in then you can try testdisk, the best recovery software I have used and it is free.

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