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Hi, I'm not sure what to make of this but within the last few days my HD on my desktop seems to let it's name disappear. I've run the usual verify/repair permissions and even run the Hardware test disc but nothing seems to work to get it's name back.
Also when I go to do a screen capture, I hear the snap sound but nothing appears on the desktop :confused: Once I do a restart, the pics are there but still no HD name. No name in any open window/menu bar/menu side bar or even when my external drive is on the main HD shows up blank.
I'm not sure what to make of this. I just tried to do the last update thinking that would help but nothing :( I really would like to avoid doing a re-install but I'd do it if that would help.
Any ideas would be welcome as I need to get a lot of things finished this week (it always happens like that :cool:) Thanks…


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Jul 16, 2002
This sounds like a hard drive problem. Do you know how to run fsck in Single User Mode? If not, here's how:

Restart with the cmd-s keys held down, until you see a black screen with white characters. After the text stops scrolling, at the command prompt, type:

fsck -f [including the space, return]

If any repairs are reported, run fsck again until none are reported. Then, at the command prompt, type:

reboot [return]

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What was it named? Did you put a full stop (period) at the start of its name?
Hi, no I leave the name alone so the HD is just as when I bought it (Macintosh HD). I've seen kids at some schools hide the HD icons and whatnot just so they can try to get out of class (lol) so I made sure nothing was checked to hide the name or icon. Also this seemed to happen when it was asleep as I don't shut down my iMac unless there is a storm rolling in. I clicked the mouse and that's when I noticed the name and my screenshots were no longer.

One more thing is when I was doing work in Flash 8 it seemed really off. I would do certain things as normal and no responce so I even changed the batteries in my new BT Apple KB and Mighty Mouse but no luck.

I tried dragging files from other areas and the names all stayed put and showed up just fine on my desktop.

Here is another screenshot: it's odd that the HD in the window is off to the upper left side yet if I click on say the desktop or any other sidebar item they are in the top center of the window :confused:

I'll try the fsck in Single User Mode and see what happens. Funny thing is I was going to clean all the extra programs/files I don't need anymore off it and do a custom install of OSX at the week end anyway :cool:
Thanks for the help and I'll post an update by tuesday…always something to learn about even if you don't like the way it happens.
Thanks again :D