HD-DVD Encryption Cracked

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by e²Studios, Jan 13, 2007.

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    Apr 12, 2005
    Taken from Slashdot:

    "It appears that, despite skepticism, 'muslix64' was the real deal. Starting from a riddle posted on pastebin.com, members on the doom9 forum identified the Title key for the HD-DVD release 'Serenity.' Volume Unique Keys and Title keys for other discs followed within hours, confirming that software HD-DVD players, like any common program, store important run-time data in memory. Here's a link to decryption utility and sleuthing info in the original doom9 forum thread. The Fair Use crowd has won Round One; now how will the industry respond?"

    A poster said "with lots of lawyers", I'm quite certain that will be the response.


    Talk about sticking a fork in a format, this the final death blow for HD-DVD. With their encryption cracked the few exclusive studios that they had may lose trust in HD-DVD's ability to secure their IP.

    Blu-Ray has superior encryption and requires HDCP for HD playback, HD DVD made the choice to make their security more relaxed. That plan failed...

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    Jan 13, 2003
    This just makes me want HD-DVD to win the format war even more. Now it will be easier to play the movies I purchase on any device I want. Blue-Ray will be cracked soon, I'm sure.
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    Ultimately the studios want to protect their IP, HD DVD has just proven that they cannot protect the studios IP. The fact that it happened this soon in the game makes it all the worse for HD DVD. I will bet that sooner than later the few exclusive studios to HD DVD will either switch camps or start supporting Blu-ray.

    Unfortunately they don't want it to be easy for you to make a copy of their media, however there is a rumor that the BD camp is going to release "portable" versions of the film on the Blu-Ray disc so you can use them on your PSP/iPod/Whatever they choose that will still protect their IP.

    Right now there is no way that a consumer can get past HDCP, I'm sure in time that will change but the decision to support and use HDCP was a good one for the Blu-Ray camp.

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