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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by lazymuoio, Apr 23, 2009.

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    Hey guys so I come to you in desperate need of help. My black macbook had its HD erased and OS reinstalled by my colleges help desk because it wouldnt network properly (seemed extreme to me) and I have recovered all of my files but, since the guy used a leopard upgrade disk I lost all of the iLife applications. Is there anyway to recoup them (i do not have a disk) or download them off the internet.

    Also I lost my microsoft office 2004 student edition, I have the software key but not the disk. Can I download this anywhere? Ive been looking and I can only find the office updates online. Help me out its finals week and I have papers to write.
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    iLife would be on the system disc that came with your computer.

    I *think* Microsoft offers free downloads of Office to people with serial numbers on their site.

    iLife is available on torrent sites. (Just stating a fact.)

    It would probably be illegal to download from a torrent site, despite your predicament.

    Finally, don't go to your help desk to help next time. They don't seem too good at helping :rolleyes:

    Data Rescue 2 and Photorec are good for data recovery. They won't recover any intact programs, though, just files.
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    Talk to your college help desk about paying for data recovery; I doubt they asked for your permission first?

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