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Aug 10, 2012
Now released and it's FREE
For iPhone:
For iPad:

10-member’s team working for about 5 months, programming for more than 4 months, modify more than 20 times. Then, here it comes.

What we spend now harvests. This game absolutely refreshes your general understanding tower defense game. It’s easy to operate but needs strategy; it has high freedom but as well as hidden rules.
This is the top prospect game! An ultra-high-freedom strategy iPhone game!
You should combine different tactics and strategies and use different snail which owns different abilities to helps you stop the invaders. Mix up with elegant and hand-painting cartoon pictures, pleasure sound effects, pure and fresh scene, this game appears with both casual and smart, relax and excited, challenge and courage.

Key Features
 Various Types of Maps
It owns 3 kinds of modes and 3 types of difficulty levels. And more maps, abundant battle grounds and mode to be added in the coming version updating.
 Six Kinds of Snails with Special Abilities
All those cute but powerful snails help you easily control the whole game. Let your enemies confess in the fire and lightning.
 11 Corps Your Enemy
They can be weak or strong, fast or slow, high or short, even fly. They will appear in any unexpected way.
 Upgrade Your Lovely Snails
Yes, you can upgrade your snails with less gold. They will have more delicate appearance and powerful fire.
 Multiple Entrance Mode
Not excited enough? You can play maps with multiple entrances. A flood of invaders will challenge your nerve.
 Extend and Endless Mode
Each map has three kinds of different modes, classic, extended (has 100 waves) and endless (Come on, you poor ants!).
 Game Center and Achievement System
You scores will appear in the game center. Spill over your glory in the clinquant achievement cup.
 Now you can play HD version with iPad. Take a look!






Based on the device, for better screen and picture experience, we have iPod and iPad version for Snails vs. Ants. It supports languages as: English, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

About Duole
Beijing Duole Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, now mainly focuses on iOS games, and already has Pandora Box and Defend Homeland in the App Store.

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