HD MockUJp with Win764 & OSX10.6.7 on a mac pro3.1

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  1. AllanH, May 4, 2011
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    AllanH macrumors newbie

    Jul 16, 2008
    so, ive installed win7ultimate64bit on its own hd(500gb) .

    It took a while, as i managed to get, what i would think, almost every error possible ^-^, including having to pull other drives out, do a usb flasdrive install, set that up, ect & ect...

    Anyhow, after following googled advice and various other known threads; i finally got it all running smoothly, i have both OS´s completely updated and running great..

    There was one main issue...i had to disable/rename the AppleMNT.sys file for win7/64 to stop crashing(blue-screenofdeath). This ofc lead to not having a sharable disk between win & osx. So i figured "shrink" the win7 drive, partition a 100gig part of it to exFat & i would have a drive (E) both operating systems can read & write to&from.

    All made sense to me, however after this partition was made , i began to have crashing issues again. Now, 1 step back, i have to take the drives with OSX out of the machine for win7 to work again, and when i do so it works great. OSX works great in any case.

    Is there a fix ?

    (macpro 3.1)
  2. AllanH thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 16, 2008
    a little update (as im still praying for possible solutions)

    I have win764 on a single drive , osx lion on a single drive & osx 10.6.7 on a raid 0 ... all 500gig drives (2 hitachi 2 seagate for whatever thats worth).

    When i run Win7 with the Lion Drive in the machine...it runs great as does a reboot into Lion. (still again only with the AppleMT driver disabled.)

    As soon as I plug in the 2 drives with osx 10.6.7.(raid0) ..Win7 crashes within 5 minutes after booting. Pull those 2 drives out & it runs perfectly stable again.

    Does anyone know Why this happens?

    thanx kindly for your time&knowledge in advance

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