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    Please correct me if my observation is off.
    If I purchase a HD movie off iTunes, do I have the choice to download the HD or SD movie if I want to download later?

    Or can I only download what I selected when purchasing? This is specifically for purchasing an HD movie. (I understand the other way where you CANT download an HD but purchasing the SD) :D
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    On an iOS device, you only get the version you bought.

    EDIT: Okay, what I wrote originally used to be the way it worked, but now it looks like when you buy the HD version, iTunes on computer only downloads the HD version... Sorry, looks like you only get the version you click "Buy" for...

    Original comment, which is no longer valid:
    On a computer in iTunes, you get both. (i.e. both download, and it shows an "HD-SD" logo next to the rating in list view, rather than showing two copies. That way you can sync it to both older devices that can't do HD, as well as have it in full HD.)

    From my original comment, but still valid:
    Also, you select in settings in iTunes if you want the 720p or 1080p version. (Some older Macs can't handle 1080p very well.)
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    If you buy HD, only the HD copy will download from your purchases area in iTunes.

    To get the SD copy, it's easy. Just go to the movie or TV show page in iTunes on your device and it will show as purchased. To the right of that, it will show a box, that says HD SD. Select SD and then download the movie or TV show. You can then transfer that to your computer if you want.

    Don't worry about the price showing up when you select the SD option. If you bought the HD copy, you get the SD free.

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