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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Dingo Dave 69, Apr 27, 2009.

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    I recently bought an HD Camcorder and hen I first played around with it I could convert the movies and put them on my AppleTV and in the menu they had a little "HD" icon next to it. Now however I can't seem to get that to appear again. I am filming in HD so it must be something I am doing when importing/exporting the movie on imovie. Can anyone tell me how I get this to work again?
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    Revision 141 of mp4v2 is now able to write the atom that iTunes looks for to add the HD logo to a movie, TV show or music video. However combining a SD and a HD version to one entry doesn't work yet.

    To add the tag:
    ./mp4tags -H 1 <filename>

    To remove the tag:
    ./mp4tags -r H <filename>

    You check whether the flag is set or not with:
    ./mp4info <filename>

    Please note that this is the current development Version of mp4v2, so problems are expected. Please make a backup of any files before you touch them with mp4tags.
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    I have made several posts on creating the HD tag as well at the HD-SD tag in itunes at my blog. http://bit.ly/iybkc

    The HD tag on the Apple TV is generated by the Apple TV based on the resolution of the file. So any video file with a vertical resolution greater than 540 lines will generate the HD logo on the Apple TV.
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    I had spotty results with subler, tagger has worked everytime thus far for me.

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