HD Upgrade - Would these work together?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Mr. Monsieur, Aug 3, 2008.

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    Apr 21, 2004
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    Suggestion -- why not just copy the item model and description into the post, rather than make all of us follow the links offsite?

    HITACHI Travelstar 5K320 HTS543232L9A300(0A56417) 320GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Notebook Hard Drive

    OKGEAR OK250AU2S1-K 2.5" USB 2.0 & eSATA External Enclosure - Retail

    As long as the hard drive is a 9.5mm tall SATA drive, it should work fine in the MacBook

    The USB/SATA case is a generic case -- the description is OK for the purpose, the quality of the product -- who knows?
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    Apr 21, 2004

    Thanks, CanadaRAM, for your response!

    In answer to your query...as I was not completely familiar with what aspects/specs of the product would be necessary to answer my question properly, it seemed to make more sense to provide the link, rather than ask people to google the product and (perhaps) find the right one. I suppose I figured it would make it easier on people, and there would be less likelihood of an answer based on the wrong product.

    I've ordered the HD and enclosure...so we'll see how it goes!

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