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Jul 4, 2007
HD video editing on the low end Macbook Pro? Is it possible with the 128mb vram? if so how (if it is) laggy would it be? I will be purchasing a mbp in about 2-3 weeks and plan on editing HD video in adobe after effects and final cut studio applications. If it is somewhat possible in the low end model ill be happy as i am a student and money is a major issue. Thanks.


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Jun 19, 2007
well, i have the 256mb model, and it works about as well as you would expect a laptop to work, editing is fine, but rendering takes forever, compressor is just really slow no matter what you're doing, im used to using vegas for the PC and it renders about twice as fast as Final Cuts compressor

but anyway as far as a laptop goes you dont really have any other chioce than the macbook pro, and no the video ram shouldnt make much diffrence when doing that sorta work
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