Resolved HDD constantly running


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Jul 31, 2019
A week ago I updated my MacBook Pro 15” (mid-2010) to SSD and 8 gig of ram and could not be happier with the performance I got. My original Hitachi 320 Gb HDD is now installed in optibay as an additional drive for storage (it still has macOS 10.8 and windows bootcamp on it and can be loaded if needed) and I have a fresh install of high Sierra on my SSD.

I had no trouble with high Sierra until yesterday when I first time activated iCloud Drive. I first noticed a lot of CPU activity but later realized it was due to my big iBook library on my Mac being uploaded to the cloud.

After the upload was over I noticed some resistance when navigating the trackpad. The cursors would lack accuracy, it would freeze or jump the screen and make chaotic movement even when I was not moving my fingers. And I could not type anything with my keyboard.

I tried to do some reboots that helped with the freezers, but ever since then HDD is constantly making the reading/writing sounds like the ones during Spotlight indexing. Before that it would not make a single noice until I opened it in Finder.

I tried deactivating iCloud Drive and putting HDD into spotlight privacy section but these won’t work either.

The only solution I found as of now was to dismount both HDD and Bootcamp altogether (and it only works if I dismount them with Finder as Disk Utility triggers them). But it is not a perfect one considering it worked perfectly fine until yesterday.

I relaunched MacBook with 10.8 safe mode and checked the HDD with Disk Utility which says HDD is fine. SMART Utility however says it's failing with the latest mistake happening 12,000 hours ago (which is a bit confusing).

There does not seem to be any strange CPU or Disk activity. HDD is not being indexed by Spotlight.

I know a 10 y.o. HDD is better to be replaced with an additional SSD but I just want to figure out the issue before considering this option.

Would really appreciate any ideas of what could have triggered such behaviour and what can be done about it.