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    tl;dr: I have a 4 year old 2.5" drive and a 6-7 year old 3.5" drive. Are they likely to still work after sitting in my closet/basement for all that time, and are there any enclosures that will accommodate both of them? What enclosures do you recommend, with price as my main concern?

    Long version:
    I have two hard drives from Macs that died and I would like to get the data off of them.

    One is a 2.5" 60 GB Seagate drive from a 2006 Macbook that died when I spilled coffee on it (yeah, I'm clumsy) but the Genius who said I fried my logic board with the coffee said the hard drive still worked.

    The other is from an eMac circa 2004/05 that died just out of warranty without AppleCare. (This would have a 3.5" drive, right?) Since this computer just died (without my help from coffee) and I called Apple because we didn't have a Genius Bar in my city yet I'm not as certain that the drive itself was still functional, but I do believe the person I spoke with on the phone at Apple said it should be because it was the graphics card that died. I don't know anything more about this drive because, the computer won't boot and I don't have access to it to take it apart until I visit my parents.

    I've gotten a lot more tech-savvy in the 5 years since the coffee incident and would like to try to get my data off of these drives. Are these drives likely to still be functional after not being used for all this time? The Macbook drive has been sitting in my closet wrapped in a plastic Apple bag, and the eMac has been in my parents' dusty basement. Also, are there enclosures that will accommodate both of them? If not, can you recommend separate ones for me? Price is my main concern since I'm not sure if the drives even work and they're too small to be worth using for external storage - this is strictly for the purpose of retrieving my data.

    Thank you!!
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