HDD optibay, need help "unmounting" drive on boot

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    I installed a x25-m, of course, transfering the HDD to the optibay. Here is my problem:

    Whenever I shutdown, restart or hibernate, I hear, right as the fans shutoff, a loud, almost sharp click. It is obviously the HDD. As many of us know,(that have this set up, or have read the optibay thread) this "hard shutdown" is probably due to the lack of sudden motion sensor for the HDD in the optibay setup. What to do, what to do...especially considering the fact that I boot frequently between Win 7 and OS X.

    Well, after some research on the interwebs, I have come to the conclusion that ejecting the poor thing prior to shutdown, much like any external device, nets a happy HDD.

    In the process I came to the conclusion that there should be some automation to this, and sure enough, in terminal, you can augment the volume to not mount on boot. It is a beautifully simple process as noted in this post:

    This is all very good news, except that I've only found a solution for OSX. I was expecting to find an equally elegant process in windows. Lo and behold, the process, script and/or command are/is evading me.

    If anyone out there is on a similar path, could they be so bold as to link their findings? Possibly we could collaborate to right this terrible wrong. To specify, I am hoping to make it so that the drive in question is never "mounted" until chosen to do so, hopefully something similar to the approach in OSX.

    Thanks for any help.
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