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    Jan 20, 2013
    Hi everyone.

    I have question about hard drive recovery posibility in my problem.

    I had 1 TB drive with 2 partitions - Macintosh HD(700 gb) and BOOTCAMP(300gb).

    I had tried to erase my bootcamp partition with Disc Utility (Tried to do it with Boot Camp Assistant but unfortunally). It wasn't erased but replaced with "disc 4" partition with 1 TB free space. Disc utility showed Macintosh HD partition too (with 700 gb like in the past).

    I restarted my iMac and turned Alt key, but now I have only 1 Windows icon (who can't load due "Operating system is missing" without Macintosh HD on startup.

    Disc utility under Recovery HD shows only "disc 4" partition fully free (1TB) and there is no Macintosh HD partition now!!!

    I didn't use backup or Time machine.

    Please, someone tell in you know, if it possible to recover data from Macintosh HD or I just have lost it at all and do full formatting>set up new Lion OS.

    Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english here.
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    You probably should have just used the BootCamp Assistant to remove the Windows partition. Ahhh well ... next time! :)

    Do you have another Mac computer available to you?

    If so, you might at least be able to start your wounded Mac in the "Target Disk Mode" and connect it to the other Mac which might be able to access the OS X partition and perform a backup, or at least get some of your personal data saved.

    Then, you could start over, boot the Recovery mode, re-partition your disk and re-install OS X. Then use the startup assistant to restore your data from the back disk you created above.

    I would be careful of trying anything more intensive on your damaged disk until you at least tried to recover your data from it.

    Good luck....


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