HDD, SATA or logic Board issue?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Bostonmusic, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Bostonmusic macrumors newbie

    Nov 25, 2014
    Hey guys, if done a lot of searching on this issue but cant seem to find a straight answer..
    Basically my MBP began to run unusably slow, so i decided to order a cheap replacement HDD. The new HDD couldn't be recognised by disk utility so I assumed it was an issue with the drive and got a refund. I then installed a samsung SSD which WAS recognised by disk utility but would hang up on the 'checking all disks' status bar when trying to install Lion.
    I have since reinstalled the original drive which can be read just fine by the computer (but very slow).
    I have formatted all the of the drive in exactly the same way, is there anything I could be missing?
    Could the SATA cable only work for some drives?
    Any help on this would be awesome as it is driving me insane!

  2. Samuelsan2001 macrumors 604

    Oct 24, 2013
    Could be a cable problem...

    they are a bit delicate.
  3. sebseb macrumors 6502


    May 24, 2014
    I doubt the sata cable is broken. Check the ribbon for any cuts or damage. But sata works with most drives. So maybe something was wrong with the hard drives.

    Also highly doubt the logic board has an issue!
  4. MacRobert10 macrumors 6502

    Nov 24, 2012
    Sounds like it's most likely a cable problem. The only thing that I know of that could confirm that is Scannerz (http://scsc-online.com/Scannerz.html) because it does some type of timing tests that can detect that sort of thing. It's $40 bucks though so I don't know if you would want to put that kind of money into a test tool. I check my drives every month or so, providing I remember.:rolleyes:

    It could be the logic board because like a cable the board itself can develop cracks in traces or have bad solder connections that will act just like a cable, but generally I think those problems are now relatively rare. Cable problems are very common.
  5. ZVH macrumors 6502

    Apr 14, 2012
    The SATA cable itself I believe can be type dependent, meaning a cable approved for SATA I won't necessarily work with SATA III, but the port on your laptop will be the limiting factor meaning it's not going to be the cable that determines the speed.

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