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    I'm just wondering what my options are right now? I have a Momentus XT drive and I'm thinking about going bigger but the only drive that is as fast as mine is the 750gb Momentus XT.

    I find the Momentus XT to be a marketing gimmick and in the end it's not really noticeably faster than a normal platter drive at 7200rpm despite any amount of hype and an extra 250gb is really not a lot of extra storage in today's terms.

    I'm in a bit of a predicament, I snapped up a 13" MacBook Pro as soon as I knew what direction Apple was going with optical drives and internal component upgrades. I still use my DVD-RW drive on the odd occasion and probably would use it more if I upgraded it to a BD-RW drive. It does seem however that if I want more storage in this machine I am going to have to forgo having an optical drive.

    It's funny we are stuck here 3 years later, where 3 years ago I could have bought a 1TB drive, I opted for the Momentus XT. It seems if I want more than 1TB of storage I have to buy an external HDD or forgo the optical bay.
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    I'm still test driving a couple different brands of 1TB notebook drives. Actually, so far, so good.

    The biggest boog-a-boo with upgrading the drive(s) on a new or "still in warranty" machine, is.... If there is any problem whatsoever and your notebook needs service (for anything,) it's the first thng on the list for apple's support team to suspect.

    A somewhat highly skilled "do it yourself'er" is usually treated/viewed as a garden variety moron when it comes to dealing with the mom ship. (And you have to replace your storage back to stock anyway, before they will even service it.)

    Also, having your life history and all it's attachments stored on a perishable, portable, 'puter (do you like all the P's?) isn't always the wisest choice. Scatter your crap of any value on multiple drives or sources.

    Just my $.02.
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    I've never had a problem with them servicing a machine of mine with an upgraded hard drive. The biggest issue with the 2011 MacBook Pro was SATAIII drives that didn't function. I had a Corsair Force III drive in this at least initially although it wouldn't boot, some suspect Apple released a silent firmware update for that one, but there has been bugs with the SATAIII bus that Apple is using.

    As for being treated like a garden variety moron, yes I've had that from Apple more than once when I've told them what the problem is and they've sworn black and blue it wasn't the case :rolleyes: In a previous life I was a computer technician.

    I have a backup server, though this isn't really the issue, I'm finding 500gb is a bit restricted when I've got my whole life on here and about 5 years worth of computing on this drive alone. I like the fact that I've got my own personal media centre in a box I can just pick up and go.

    I will make a note to copy all of my irreplaceable data over to the server now that you've mentioned it though... commentators curse and all.

    I was just wondering if there were any other options before I dropped the coin on upgrading to a 1TB drive.

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