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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by kleptobizmol, Aug 17, 2010.

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    Jul 11, 2008
    Hello i have the 15 inch mid 2010 macbook pro with sound support through hdmi to mini display port. anyway i bought the adapter for hdmi to play on your tv at the apple store. moshi makes it. everything works but randomly the screen flashes black for like a half a second. really annoying considering i bought the adapter to play movies through my computer on my tv. What's the deal? i have a 6 ft microsoft hdmi cord if that matters. my tv is a sony 52ex700. i tried switching hdmi slots on the tv too. also i changed the display from 1080p to 720 p and other display options and that didn't do anything. any help or possible recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    update. audio skips about once every 15 mins too.
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    well you said you tried different HDMI slots and that is not the problem so we know its not the TV. that leaves the cable and the port on your computer. easiest way is trying a different cable. if that doesnt work you'll need to try a different computer. so if you know anyone that has the mini display port try hooking up their computer and see if it works.

    i find that with these kinds of problems the process of elimination works the best.
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    I just received that mini DP to HDMI adapter today. But nothing works.
    Tried several permutations of:
    - 3 different cables
    - Direct to TV or through receiver
    - 32-bit kernel vs 64-bit kernel
    - Always through AC power
    - Forced NVIDIA adapter using gfxCarStatus, but also tried simply disabling the automatic switching (mid-2010 MBP)

    Thing is, I installed the Snow Leopard Graphics update that also came out today. I would love to know if I have a bad adapter or if the update broke compatibility.

    I sent an email to Moshi's customer service, so I should know soone enough if I return it or not.

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    Jul 11, 2008
    please let me know what they say. you have the exact same mbp as me too so im not sure if its the mini display port or moshi's adapter.

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