HDMI ==>to==>DisplayPort cable

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    Sorry if this is a repeat question, didn't know where to post it, thinking the video people here can educate me. I have a monitor with full size displayport connectors. I'm trying to hook up a Mac Mini 2014 with an HDMI to it. For this reason "HDMI ==>to==>DisplayPort" cable would make sense but I keep finding cables of this sort that are limited by the direction of signal flow so HDMI<==to<==DisplayPort. Where do I find a proper cable. please let me know.
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    Do you need to use the HDMI port?
    Your mini also has video out through a thunderbolt port.
    Why not use one of the thunderbolt ports - so you would need a Mini DisplayPort ==>to==>DisplayPort
    No adapter needed, just a cable with the correct connections.
    Here's one -

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