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    Greetings forums!
    I have an older Intel Mac Mini with a full sized DVI port on the back. Today I tried to connect it to my Vizio 37inch LCD TV with a DVI to HDMI cable. I turned them on and nothign showed up. I tested this set-up using my Dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP and it worked fine there.
    Am I missing something? I tried turning the Mac on first then the TV and vice versa, but no dice. I know the cable is good because I tested it with my Dell monitor and have used it in conjunction with my TV and PC in the past.
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    I've had success using a Powerbook w/full size DVI-out with an HDTV before. It came up just like any external monitor. Used a DVI to HDMI cable from monoprice. I can't imagine what the problem might be. Your mini should detect the TV and what resolution it needs to run the thing. Sorry I've go no ideas to help, other than to say it should be working, as far as I can tell.
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    Here's a little more info.
    I'm attempting to connect my Mac Mini to my Vizio VO37LF. When I get it all started up I can hear that I'm at the log-in screen, but still no picture. At first I thought it might be the HDMI coupler but that is not the case. IS there some type of adapter I need or a certain spec my TV needs to have for this to work?
    Also, im running Snow Leopard, via the Leopard to Snow Leopard upgrade disk. All updates installed.

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