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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MrSmith, Jan 26, 2011.

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    Nov 27, 2003
    I was wondering why there's such a wide range of prices between different HDTV models of the same screen size. For example, I've been looking at the 40-inch Sharp Aquos LC-40AE7 TV below which costs the equivalent of $850. (The links are to the Japanese site but there may be enough numbers and pictures to understand it anyway.) Is there a catch? Why could it be so cheap?

    Link Link
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    US$850 is the high end for 40" 1080p displays in the US right now, so your comment doesn't compute?!?

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    It's an LCD TV, which are less expensive than LED TVs. It also doesn't seem to have any sort of internet connectivity/apps.
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    Oct 14, 2010
    +1 ... in Canada that price is also high ... 40" HDTVs 1080p can be had for $650.
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    Wow, didn't realize it was actually expensive. Is there any inherent advantage of LED over LCD?
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    Yes - more energy efficient, better backlighting, better picture quality.

    This is simplistic as hell, but think Plasma picture quality with the pros of LCDs and none of the cons of Plasmas.

    At twice the price. Of course.
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    I've been thinking about getting a new TV myself, and also wasn't sure of the differences between LCD, LED and plasma. I just googled and found this to be very helpful:
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    Nov 27, 2003
    I found this article (LED vs LCD). Wiki gives a list of manufacturers that have stopped making plasma sets so I guess they are out of the equation.
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    Dec 11, 2010
    If you are willing to pay more, you can sometimes get these features:
    -1080p/upscale (pretty standard)
    -3+ HDMI ins and 1 out (the future and current of digital sound and video)
    -Internet capability
    -Universal remote (some are very nice)
    -LED backlit-in theory will last longer, is brighter, and doesn't 'fade' like others

    The Aquos used to be really well rated but I haven't looked at them recently. Historically, they've been a little more costly but well worth it. Speakers are very good for TV speakers. They do have a love/hate styling. Samsung has been the driving force in LED backlit displays and have made major contributions to the development of 3D. They are also the second most aesthetically pleasing TV on the market (select lines of course). They have a TV for every price range, from 720p to 1080p 3D. My buddy just got a 50 something inch Sony flagship, which is 3D, and it is amazing...it was on the pricier side. If you get a Blu Ray player, get one with the ability to upgrade firmware. Thus far, the PS3 has been the simpliest way. Oppo makes amazing Blu Ray players tho for a very cheap price compared to Marantz/Elite/Denon/etc. Overall, LED backlit LCD is the way to go, for the most part.

    The TV that defies all logic is the Pioneer Elite Kuro. It is a plasma TV, but for about the last decade, the Elites have been consistently rated among the best or the very best. The picture is as bright as a LED backlit LCD, sharper, blacker blacks (historically a plasma weakness), and smoother transition. In theory, it should be inferior to other TVs, but it isn't. It has all of the benefits that plasma offers, while having all the positive performance benefits of a LED backlit LCD. It is a gorgeous TV and a decoration piece, but it does cost a LOT. If you are a movie buff/TV person, I promise you that you will know where that money went.

    I think you meant LED backlit LCD vs. fluorescent backlit LCD. :)
    Organic LED is still a few years out IIRC
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    Sep 26, 2007
    LG, Samsung, Sony, and maybe Toshiba would be the brands I'd look at. LG makes a majority of the lcd panels for most manufacturers. Of course, Japan could be totally different, I'd think you all would have much more technology packed into them over there.

    LED is a little brighter and some think the picture looks better, but there are two types of LED tv's, edge lit and local dimming. Edge lit is only around the edges of the tv, while local dimming is across the whole tv, so the local dimming displays a much better picture. You also consume less energy with LED's

    LCD's are just fine, in my opinion and I'd rather have a good looking LCD than an alright looking LED.

    In my opinion after upgrading tv's a refresh rate of 120hz+ is a MUST.

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