HDTV Question (Arrived Damaged)

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Kashchei, Jan 21, 2012.

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    I recently ordered a Philips 32" 720i HDTV and when it arrived and I began to peel off the plastic tape, a section of the black plastic frame around the screen stuck to the tape. It had apparently either been struck during shipping or damaged at the factory before shipping (I didn't see any obvious damage on the box). Aside from this problem, the tv works fine and the picture doesn't seem to have been affected.

    Here's my question: I can return the tv, but the place I bought it (woot) doesn't have any more so I can't get a replacement from them and it is more expensive everywhere else I've looked. Does a blow strong enough to break the plastic frame on an HDTV limit the lifespan of the unit? I can live with the blemish, but not with the knowledge that the unit could die an early death. All help will be greatly appreciated!
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    Can you post a picture of the damage? I can't picture the damage.

    If your happy with the TV keep it. If the damage is to distracting return it.

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