HDV in FCS2 how to get best in and out?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by videoguy34, Feb 3, 2009.

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    I have 6 weddings to edit! Shot HDV - HD60p ... that I need to get done! I just upgraded to FCS2 from FCE HD and have captured a few minutes of footage using the following settings. The footage capturing in is excellent, the finished product on a sample clip in iDVD is stuttery and 'soft' focused.

    Can anyone suggest anything, anywhere that would give me a better finished product or am I looking for something that doesn't exist because of the downconversion to DVD?

    Sequence Preset: Apple ProRes 422 1280x720 60p 48kHz
    Capture Preset: HDV-Apple Intermediate Codec
    Device Control Preset: HDV Firewire
    Playback Output Video: Digital Cinema Desktop Preview - Main
    Playback Output Audio: Default
    Edit to Tape/PTV Output Video HDV (1280x720) 30p
    Edit to Tape/PTV Output Audio: HDV

    Oh, one other issues is that every start/stop records as a separate clip. We do A LOT of in-camera editing/shooting so this is simply a pain for me! I can't see any settings to allow it to capture as one steady stream ... again I ask, does anyone, anywhere have any suggestions?

    Looking forward to multiple replies!
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    Don\t bother with PRORESS, takes too much space from what you gain. Stay native HDV.
    Where did you watch the DVD? Make sure you watch it on a TV it often looks better than on a computer screen.
    If it still looks bad.

    check out kenstone.net he has many great tutorials. You should also try DVD studio Pro not iDVD.
    It could also be that field dominance is set wrongly. I can`t remember what the setting is for NTSC, if it`s lower or higher.

    When I get home I can exlpain better
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    create a new project, then go to "easy setup" and choose the option for HDV 720p60.

    then, in your sequence settings, go to "render control" and change the codec to ProRes. this allows you to capture HDV natively (so you get the smaller file sizes), but give you the render benefits of ProRes.

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