He was charged with domestic battery!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by spaceboots06, Aug 3, 2009.

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    This is just ridiculous! It's from early this month.


    Man allegedly drenches wife with hose for smoking

    JENSEN BEACH, Fla. — Authorities said a man has been charged with domestic battery after he drenched his wife with a garden hose and elbowed her for smoking in the house. An arrest report shows that the 51-year-old husband was charged Saturday. Police said the couple began arguing when the wife began smoking a cigarette in their home.

    When the victim picked up the phone and began calling a friend, authorities said the husband believed she was trying to call police and elbowed her in the mouth during a struggle to grab the phone.

    The woman was soaked with water when deputies arrived. The husband told deputies he had been watering the grass and did not intend to spray her.

    The man was taken to the Martin County Jail and released after posting bond.
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    Probably that this guy was charged with DV while the gaggle of women who crazy-glued that man's weiner to his stomach wasn't. Then again, there seems to be an axiom among the media that DV can only flow one way despite significant research to the contrary.
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    Depends if that area has a zero tolerance for any DV.

    The drenching probably was not the offense, but the elbowing was.

    My wife went to jail after her ex-hubby refused to let her go out, he took the keys, and in the struggle to get the keys, his lip started bleeding (more than likely he bit it by accident) but when the cops came, saw his lip bleeding, they hauled HER off in handcuffs. The county she lived in had a zero tolerance. ANY offense gets you a night in jail and a black eye on your record.

    So this doesn't seem that ridiculous.
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    I think the elbow to the face was declared but not proven, which is why I think the story was a little over the top.
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    nothing surprising... this is america - where you're guilty until proven innocent.

    Can't prove you didn't elbow her in the mouth? GUILTY. Throw him in jail.
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    She probably bit him, leaving teeth marks, thus proving his elbow was in her mouth.
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    What is the difference between the female having a bloody lip and saying the husband did it? There is only evidence that someone has a split lip and two conflicting stories. The police better take someone out of the house. If they are called back a second time and someone is dead, there is going to be some explaining to do, putting it lightly.
  9. Les Kern macrumors 68040

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    Apr 26, 2002
    Diffusing domestic issues has to be the single most difficult thing, and police officers should get a bonus for every one they take care of. SOMETIMES it just doesn't work out, but the police procedures that I know of are solid.
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    Domestic violence always turns into a "she did/he did" situation, so it is very hard for the officer to determine on the spot what exactly went down. You try it sometime. Its no different than when I was a parks leader for a summer. A kid starts crying, blames the other kid for doing something. The kid who got blamed flips the story and complains about the crying kid who did something. Its tough to know exactly what happened without seeing it so you need to try and piece things together.

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