Headline: "New Apple iPhone lineup may offer three iPhone trim options"

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by cjandnw, Apr 17, 2008.

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    New Apple iPhone lineup may offer three iPhone trim options


    Quote from article:

    "Now, we have a rumor from Doc Macenstein that has Apple offering the iPhone in three distinct trim levels. The iPhone "Max" or iPhone "Pro" will apparently be the iPhone flagship and will include that 3G chip from Infineon, but will add a bit of girth - coming in at over 15mm, compared to the 11.6mm thickness of the current iPhone. The 3G iPhone may be packing on the pounds in order to fit a larger, higher capacity battery. Apple will allegedly offer the iPhone "Max" as an enterprise handset capable of enduring longer stints without any charging.

    The mid-level iPhone offering may just be the current iPhone. No changes. No 3G.

    And, an entry-level iPhone may just round out Apple's iPhone lineup. A smaller and smaller iPhone could hit the market with an amazingly thin 6.2mm profile - in line with previous rumors. Unfortunately, all that thinness comes at the cost of video playback and will only offer 4GB of storage. The display size will remain the same, and will only do EDGE data. Cost is said to be $159.

    More speculation...
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    I think there are many things wrong with that prediction, but thanks for posting it. I think it is pretty obvious at this point that the current generation is being phased out. I think EDGE is on its way out too, per AT&Ts comments about all of their phones being 3g in the next few months. I doubt that Apple would remove video functionality from any of their devices, it is a core part of their business and they added it to the nano for this reason.

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