Headphone Comparisons, Need opinions.

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Meltdownblitz, Apr 14, 2011.

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    I'm an amateur when it comes to headphones and I'm coming from the Sony MDREX38IP which sounded pretty good IMO. But I'm wanting new ones as the other one has retired. I'm stuck between the Klipsch s4i, the a-Jays 4s, the Dre in ear, or the Bose in ear. Which would you say sounds the best? I can't decide which is better. Some things I am looking for is obviously sharp sound (good base, good quality), somewhat durable (going to use for the gym), and a must have for me is an iPod/iPhone track and volume control. And a pair that are worth the price in your opinion (don't care about name brand as much, looking for awesome quality at this price point) Opinions would be awesome, thanks!
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    Jan 21, 2010
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    Don't buy the Bose or the Dr Dre headphones! You will probably have to return them sooner than you thought because of the poor build quality. Go for the jays they are more durable. The thing with these headphones are they are not designed for the gym, so you may damage them when sweat gets into them. I would look at some of the sennheiser sport range models :)
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    From the ones you were investigating:

    Bose are always overpriced. I know their headphones don't have the best high-end, and it sounds a bit muddled, and I doubt their in-ears earphones (IEMs) would be any different.

    Same with Dre Beats.

    I used to own the Klipsch S4i, and they're not durable. Read any of the reviews on Amazon, Head-fi, headfonia, etc. It's really obvious when you feel the thin cable and inspect the connection between the cable and earpieces, and also the cable and headphone jack. They're pretty, though. ;) Have you considered the S5i (the rugged version of the S4i)??

    I have only tested the A-Jays several times, but here's what I can tell you. They exhibit really bad microphonics (i.e. any time you tap the flat cable, that tap is going to sound LOUD through your earphones). I'm also not convinced about the build quality, particularly the connection between the earpiece and flat cable! Also, their fit is really superficial, as they don't fit deep into the ear (just look at how short and stubby the earpieces are!), so it seems easy for them to fall out of your ear.

    In my opinion, I haven't tried a pair of iPhone earphones (i.e. ones with remote) better than the Denon C560R. :) I owned them before, but I lost them. I recently bought them again (they're being delivered) because they're awesome. They have incredible low-freq bass, and rather detailed highs. They're ugly, but they have a really fun sound. The cable is thick, the entire thing feels durable, and the sound is slightly better than the S4i (but that's debatable).

    Also check Shure. I haven't tried their SE210m with remote, and have never owned a pair of Shures, but they have a good reputation. :)
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    I'm a fan of cheap ear buds. I always snag the cords on things, and if I screw up a cheap pair, there's always another :D
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    Thanks for the responses. I actually went with the klipsch s4i and purchased from best buy for under $100. But as someone said in this thread they sound awesome but I was reading some reviews and they don't seem to hold up very long, even more then a few months which is pretty sad for $100 headphones. I was thinking about trying some shure in ear headphones, or just purchasing the warranty from best buy and have them give me a new set everytime these go out. Any other opinions on these headphones? Because I really like the sound.
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    If durability is a problem i would suggest getting some headphones that have a detachable cable. I have had the sennheiser ie8's for 6 months now with no problem with the cable whatsoever. The cable is Kevlar coated and can be detached from the headphones. They are expensive (around 180£ uk) but i swear they are some of the best headphones I have heard, even better than a lot of cans I've used for dj'ing with.

    I think it's worth shelling out a lot more to get quality that will last you longer and they do sound absolutely amazing. Non of the cheaper headphones come close in my opinion and I've had Bose, other Sennheiser models, Sony, Beats and some from zagg!
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    Jan 21, 2010
    Wow, they look cool but they are retailing for $400 at best buy, a little outta my price range.
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    Jul 29, 2010
    My Review of one of my favorite IEM's under $100, the Meelectronics CC51P


    I swear that I am becoming an audio freak more than I could have ever imagined. Let’s kick off the month of April with an IEM review. Today, we are going to take a look at the Meelectronics CC51P Ceramic In Ear Monitors. Over the past couple of weeks, I have literally been addicted to headphones and earphones. While I have deeply been enjoying listen to my more expensive headphones at home, I needed something more versatile, mobile, and didn’t require an amplifier. Fortunately, I found the CC51P’s to be of my liking. The CC51P’s feature an aluminum nozzle, a ceramic and very simple looking outer design, and a very generous price point for the average consumer. Can the CC51P’s live up to some of the other low budget IEM’s available on the market today? Read on for the full review to find out.

    As an On The Edge Apps tradition, let’s take a quick look to see what comes in the box as well as all of the goodies you get. The CC51P’s arrived in a very small rectangular white box that showcased the CC51P’s on the front. Taking a deeper look into the packaging you will find the IEM’s secluded in a small (and a rather velvety feeling) gray box. Not only do you get the earphones themselves, but you also get a nice hard carrying pouch and a set of silicone ear tips. The carrying case was very nice and the CC51P’s fit very snugly when inside the case.

    For these monitors, Meelectronics decided it would be best to surround these earphones with a ceramic housing, to ensure comfort and long time usage. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the design, they seemed to work very good and looked very bright in the white color spectrum. The design very much reminded me of the Apple IEM’s (which I revolt at saying the name, by the way) in the way that the CC51P’s are made. As far as durability goes, these mini cans seem to be holding up pretty well after about a week and a half of usage. I did find a very small scuff on the side from accidentally dropping them, but other than that, these things look as new as the day that they arrived.

    I am not usually one to test out a lot of IEM’s due to the fact that they can never stay in my ear properly, but, I found the CC51P’s to accomplish this goal pretty well. Not only were they very comfortable to wear in my ear for extended periods of time, but they also did a pretty decent job of isolating any ambient noise that was trying to break through. I do advise that you take the time to find the ear tips that fit you the best due to the fact that they will fall out if you are not using the right size, just like it was for me. I had absolutely no problems when it came to having these fall out of my ear. Also, since these offered pretty good noise isolation, I was able to listen to these at a very comfortable level even in some of the loudest of places.

    Now, your biggest concern is probably the audio quality. While the CC51P’s definitely delivered a very rich and electric sound, there were a few things that were missing after about a week of usage (Yes, I let these things burn in over 150 hours before jotting down my final thoughts). Let’s first take a glance over the bass and the lows. Before I begin, I would like to explain that I do not amp low end earphones as they do not seem to make a difference. Higher tiered products over the $300 dollar range usually sound better with an amp. However, that is not the case with most sub $100 earphones.

    On a quick note for anyone wondering about the soundstage, I found that the CC51P’s have a kind of laid back style of soundstage, which in my opinion, was actually pretty good. Some other IEM’s that I have tested out have a very forward and congested soundstage that sounds plain ugly. All right, here are some of the songs that I tested out. First, we have Smile for Me Now by 2Pac, Natural Born Killaz by Dr. Dre, Shootouts by Nas, Splinter by Sevendust, Hit The Floor by Linkin Park, and Down With The Sickness by Disturbed. I also got to try out a few Train songs such as Mississippi.

    First off, I don’t think that the bass of the CC51P’s is as powerful as I would have liked. Even though it’s there, there isn’t much to be heard of, I couldn’t feel that power and the beats like some other IEM’s that I have tried, take for example the NuForce NE-700M’s. Even the bass heavy Natural Born Killaz did not pack the punch that it takes to make it a great tune. That being said, not being as powerful sort of comes at an advantage with these cans. I found that the bass was surprisingly clear and I could not find any fuzziness at all when listening at higher levels. Looks like sheer power is sacrificed for clear fidelity this go round, which in my opinion, can be both good and bad at the same time.

    Up next we have one of my most important parts of audio, the midrange. Just like the bass, the midrange is not the focal point of these earphones. While the midrange was very clear and sounded fantastic it still didn’t produce enough power to make me feel full. Just like the bass, it was a bit on the low end and sacrificed a lot of power to make the sound a lot crisper, which, is yet again, both a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. Now, let’s get onto the grand finale of these mini cans, which in my opinion, is the highs. The highs were definitely the monument to be held with the CC51P’s. While they weren’t the most powerful I have ever heard, they blended in very nicely with the lows and the midrange. Listening to rock songs and high frequency instruments was absolutely incredible. Everything was extremely clear and I found the highs to be my favorite parts of these IEM’s.

    So far, I have really been enjoying the CC51P’s from Meelectronics. While the bass and the midrange weren’t exactly to my liking, I found that the highs were the main attraction and excited me the most. If you are a person that is not willing to spend over $100 dollars on earphones, want some pretty decent audio quality and exceptional highs, then I can highly recommend these. You can pick up the Meelectronics CC51P’s from Meelectronics for $89.99 and it comes with the earphones themselves, a few sets of ear tips, and a nice hard carrying case. Hit up the link for more info.

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