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Jun 26, 2009

Looking at getting the outs from my rehearsal room desks (yamaha emx512), quarter inch or XLR jacks recording into the iPad. I read there is a quality difference between a split y cable into for the 3.5 compared to a JAM or something that else that goes into the 32pin input. was looking at the tascam iXZ but then heard about quality differences.

For rough recordings, will it matter that much in the end? What are my other 32pin options for iPad recording inputs?

Would also be cool to plug a mic directly into the iPad (NTG-2 (doesnt require phantom) ).

Options on JAM vs iXZ


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Sep 20, 2007
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I find better sound when I record through the 30-pin over the mini input.

I have different interfaces that I've been testing with:

iRig - Not bad, cheapest option, goes through mini jack

Line 6 Mobile In - Great guitar sound, okay for Stereo Line In, goes directly in 30-pin

Griffin iMic - USB interface, connected through iPad Camera Connection Kit (can be used with laptop)... cleaner Stereo Line In than Line 6 Mobile In.
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