Headphone Jack Confused after replacing ribbon cable

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    Ok so I wanted to get a green back for my iphone. Everything is going great when i was installing it. I go to play a song and its not playing! so i plug in my headphones and it started to play through the speakers! i bought the 0600 ribbon cable and the 0449 cable also, and they both do the same thing except that the 0449 cable doesnt even recognize when the headphones are out. I need help getting this sorted out. AND please no comments like "plug your headphone jack in and out that worked for meeee!" cuz thats not the case here. neither is "clean the lint out with a q-tip". I've heard of a way to bend the contact to make it work again but the post i heard it from was not clear enough

    here is the post about the bending of the contact.

    "I have had this on two repairs to iPhones. This is the solution if you have been supplied with the wrong part (and let me say the correct part simply is not out there on the market).
    The problem is that the small contact breaker at the end of the socket is wired the wrong way round - this is how to botch it without breaking anything.
    At the end of the black headphone socket, there is a small band of copper which forms part of the switch that is moved when the jack is inserted. You need to use a sharp tool (tip of a blade) to gently slide this copper part slightly off the end of the black plastic housing at the right hand side. You are trying to get this copper band away from the contact which is just inside the socket on the right hand side. (look inside the end and you will see the simple contact breaker)
    Once this is 'just' clear of the contact, use your sharp instrument to bend the internal contact part so it is on the other side of the copper band part of the contact (you are bending the small internal contact towards the opposite side of the socket i.e. almost into the mid point of the hole).
    Now, gently slide the external copper band back into place so that the internal contact now sits on the left hand side of this part. Test the contact breaker now using a headphone jack. You will find it tight the first couple of times you push it home, but it will be fine, even after several months of use my contact breaker is still working fine :)
    Your iPhone will now play through speaker when no jack plugged in. It now recognises headphones and your volume button no longer says 'headphones' when they are not plugged in...
    So, if all is well, and it should be, use a tiny dab of superglue on the external copper band on the top section just to make sure it stays where it should in future as you don't really want to go back into the casing again do you!

    if anybody can kinda make this into more easier to understand language that would be helpful because i have no idea what he is talking about
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    good luck

    I have never read much about hardware issues here
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    you wish
    I see I'm not the only one with this problem :)

    I recently replaced the motherboard on my 1st gen. I also replaced the dock connector/home button/mic/speaker ribbon cable. While I was at it I removed the buttons, jack and ribbon cable from the back cover to polish it up. Everything was going according to plan until… you know the rest.

    Did you have any luck figuring it out??

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