Headphone Jack Problem! Please Help!!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by celtics345, Feb 27, 2013.

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    Feb 27, 2013
    Ok here's my dilemma. So last night I was casually browsing the internet with my headphones in when my left speaker started to crack. I've heard this many times before when I use to buy Skullcandy's and was indicative that I was gonna need a new pair soon. That, however, happened so often that I purchased Klipsch headphones for $80 to prevent that, so I was kinda frustrated that these headphones would meet a similar demise. I took them out to try and see if they were just stressed and needed a break (I knew all hope was lost in my head).

    So then I proceeded to ask my roommate if I could use his Dre Beats headphones while browsing the web and that I'd just have to get a new pair of my headphones later (or if they're still in warranty)...But then, sure enough, after about 30 minutes or doing absolutely nothing except lying on a couch the sound in HIS left speaker vanished. You can see feel my horror when this happened. :eek:

    I then apologized profusely and got into a little temper tantrum because I then realized that it was the headphone jack in the Macbook Pro that was causing this. So the Macbook Pro headphone jack caused me to break my $80 headphones and my friend's over-the-ear Dre Beats! :mad: I read up everywhere online & couldn't find a case similar to mine so that's why I'm here for help. I looked inside and couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. There was no red light and the only thing even noticeable was a little metal piece hanging down in the front but I believe that is suppose to be there.

    I'm really worried cause I'm a broke college kid who may have to pay for not only new headphones, my friend's beats headphones, but also something to do with the laptop, and knowing Apple it's going to be expensive. Any help is very, very useful!

    P.S. We did test out both headphones on other devices and they acted the same way. His had no left ear sound, mine was cracking.
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