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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Pgohlke, Oct 28, 2009.

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    Ok this is how it went. I was using my ipod (touch 2g) listening to a podcast through the headphones when all of the sudden the sound gets really low. Thinking I must have accidentally hit it I turn it up all the way still getting hardly any sound. I then tried with some music and got a really weird result. I could hear louder sounds like the music (garbled slightly) but no words.

    So then i tried to play that same song through the built in speaker and it worked fine. Thinking it was the headphones I threw them away. But then got another pair of non-apple branded ones and it still did the same thing.

    I reset the ipod (didn't work) and restored it (still didn't work) So I'm going to make an appointment at the genuis bar but don't think they will believe me because I don't have the headphones that came with it. Do you think they will still fix/replace it? And if anybody else has had a headphone problem could you tell me some of your solutions?
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    Why wouldn't they believe you? You said the problem did not go away when you tried another set of headphones. They'll have headphones at the Genius Bar, they'll give it a listen with their headphones, and if the problem is confirmed, they'll give you a replacement ipod.
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    You kno that of it was the headphones they are covered under warranty too right?

    But if it's still doing it, it's not a problem with them replacing it. Like mentioned, they are going to use their own headphones anyway.

    Sooooo, go!

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