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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Baloney, Nov 16, 2013.

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    This is a simple one and I've seen it mentioned throughout the forums but can't find a definitive fix...

    First off, I was wondering (kind of off-topic) why OS X makes audio output so... difficult. With Windows, you plug in your headphones and sound immediately switches to headphones. With OS X, it's a whole process - you have to plug in the headphones, wait several seconds for the Mac to recognize them, and then press the F12/F11 buttons several times to "kickstart" the audio output.

    Anyway, being impatient and previously annoyed with my computer, I plugged in my headphones a few days ago (I use headphones a lot) and immediately started banging the F12 key. Since then my MBP has apparently decided to get revenge on me. Every single time I plug in my headphones, wait patiently, and then press the F12 key, it shows the volume at full but with a Ø, and I can't change it. Weirdly, going into Sound in System Preferences, I can easily change it from there with the slider. Then, after several minutes, things go back to normal and I can use the F12/F11 keys with my headphones.

    What is this and what have I done to upset my computer?

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    Do you know you can change the Sound output/input from the Sound icon in the Finder menu bar? So just hold down 'option/alt' key while click on the Speaker icon in the Finder menu bar and select the output/input you want.

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