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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by callmemike20, Mar 26, 2011.

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    I know there are a few threads about this, but mine is slightly more specific.

    I want to find some decent headphones for running. I am looking to spend less than $50 since I don't really run often. I tried to use my iPhone headphones, but they tend to fall out of my right ear (not my left). I have been using a set of Sony Bluetooth headphones, but they have pads that don't go well with sweat.

    I am looking strictly at Best Buy because I have a gift card.
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    Going cheaper is usually fine - if you don't run much, you won't use them much. If you run a lot, something will break in about a year's time.

    Also look for something with a headband - that removes the problem with the earbuds falling out (or off of) your ear. iPhone buds are the worst for me, sounds like the same for you.

    Avoid the phones that go into your ear canal entirely and make a seal. You need to hear people, car horns, etc.

    Basically, it comes down to either the models where the buds look like the ones you get with your iPhone, but they have a headband, or the old style ones with the foam muffs.

    Sweat is going to be a problem with any headphones when running any sort of distance, it's pretty much unavoidable. With the semi-in-ear buds, you'll fill up the holes with sweat then you'll have to clear it (blowing on it hard works fine). With the foam muffs, the muffs will get kinda gross. Pick your poison.

    I usually spend $10 or less. They're going to break, no use wasting money. You also don't need fidelity when running, really.

    Watch the cord length; some are really long, and you'll have to mess about with the extra cord. I've never found any too short.

    Been running with tunes for a long long time; it's a part of the ritual I wouldn't/couldn't skip.
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    gold plated audio jacks

    get a pair of skullcandy ink'd or skullcandy titans, both have great audio quality, but the titans last longer. both have a lifetime warranty. started using em a couple years ago, and im never going back. some of the ink'd even have the little mic/skip song thing on the cord. thats pretty useful when you dont want to pull out your 'pod to change the song and such.

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