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Jul 19, 2014
My trusty apple ear buds are breaking and I need something new.

Do you really think AirPods will be worth it at that price.

I just need some recommendations at about $150 and cheaper. 3 digits is not wanted, but doable.




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Aug 12, 2011
A lot of opinions on offer on this site (and there are voluminous threads on the topic, too.)

As someone with far too many headphones, I'd start with:
(a) What do you use the headphones for? Music. Phone. Both?
(b) What type of music do you like ? Are you a bass-assisted guy listening to hip hop or do you like flat response (like the AirPods) What type of music to you listen to?
(c) What are you going to do when listening to them? Commute, gym, all day whatever?
(d) Do you view headphones as "style" ? Some do, not hating.
(e) How long did your airbuds last? What are your expectations on durability? Are you better off getting a bunch of cheaper headphones and burn through them or buy a higher quality that may last 15 months?
(f) Do you want wires? (wireless has significantly worse sound quality.)

I get it. You want a quick recommendation versus analysis, just trying to help you get the best option for what you want.

If you're in the UK, a great value set of headphones are 8-ball (especially if you're a mod). Shockingly good. I'd highly recommend (at the top of your price range) RHA T10i. Incredibly built, durable, great phone ability, and top tier sound quality. But that's me. It's your ears that matter.
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Jun 24, 2012
Metro Detroit
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