Heads up when Upgrading to new iPhone through iTunes

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    Mar 26, 2011
    I got a little silly last week and bought an iPhone 6 as well as an iPad Air 2.
    I Synched my both through iTunes, expecting a complete transfer to the new devices. That was naive.

    Some apps were deleted. In the case of the the iPad Air 2 it was half a dozen. I had to go to the app store and download them all again. No charge, but why?

    More irritating is that none of my settings were transferred. I have had to re-enter my logins for everything. DropBox, Evernote, Waze, just to name a few. This is annoying at best. On occasion when I needed information quickly it really pissed me off.

    Some of the books I had in iBooks are no longer available.

    All my music files are now in the Cloud, and I have to manually download them. I expected them to be transferred directly to my new device.

    By the way, downloading music is quirky, to say the least. I think Apple assumes I am always going to have access to WiFi, but I live in a rural area and often cannot access music that's in the cloud. Sometimes, when I click on a "song" (I find it tacky that Apple insists that a Rondo from a Quartet is a "song"), it downloads, but often it does not. The little circle appears but nothing happens.

    Silly stuff, like the locations I had in various weather apps were lost.

    Overall the experience was frustrating and stupid. Nothing at all like Migration Assistant.
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    back up your original gadget to itunes.
    back it up to your itunes library that the iPhone is normally synced to.

    click on file , device, transfer purchases. transfer all purchases to itunes.
    transferring purchases will make sure that all software updates and all purchased media are transferred back to itunes.

    maybe you should also tell iTunes to backup pictures and videos

    restore from your old gadget's backup all over again, and it should transfer everything

    use back up encryption. and itunes will restore your secure keychain, that contains all your passwords, app passwords, wifi networks to your new device as well

    if you restore your iPhone from a different computer, that you synced to, it won't restore the synced content.

    any synced content, like music and movies and tv shows are not in your backup.

    everyone should get into the habit of clicking on "transfer purchases". even if you think your itunes is transferring your apps to your library , its not, theres always software updates that are not being copied until you tell it to do so
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    Thank you for taking the time to elucidate the process. I hope your advice helps others avoid the problems I am still dealing with.

    My point is that the process of transferring files from my old iPhone to my new one should not be so complex and should not require so many steps. There was a time when Apple's core values were ease of use, awesome power, security and simplicity of use.

    At least for transferring files to an upgraded device your solution is not simple, and Apple's instructions on their web site are flat out wrong. Had I known how much time I would have to waste I would not have upgraded.

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