Other Health and Watch App showing different Step Count?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Dino F, Jan 11, 2019.

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    I've just noticed that on the Health App on my iPhone XS, the step count is ALWAYS less than the step count shown in the Activity App on my phone?

    Additionally, when clicking the 'Steps' section in the Health app and then scrolling through 'Show All Data' and selecting any date, I notice that BOTH my phone and Watch (Series 4) are recording step count each and every day - surely this cannot be right?

    This seems to be why my phone is always reporting less steps (usually, around 1000 step differences) than my watch seeing that my phone is always in my trouser pocket and my watch is obviously on my wrist!

    Is this how it's meant to be or should I be turning the phone off as a 'data source' for recording steps (is this even possible)?


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    ...ok, looks like I found the answer here (to do with priorities of data sources):


    and here:


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    You seem to have found the answer, but as I don't see it mentioned... I'd just add that the Activity app (Watch and iPhone) lists steps counted on a watch only and will never display steps added by other means (e.g. iPhone, apps, manually adding to Health)

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