health app *subtracts* flights climbed over time

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by stevemiller, Mar 14, 2017.

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    happens every single time. I guess it doesn't matter. just all the little (and big) bugs add up to an exasperating experience anymore.

    fullsizeoutput_654.jpeg fullsizeoutput_652.jpeg
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    So that second reading is just 10 minutes after the first. Did it settle down after that or increase again without additional exercise?

    My guess is the "flights climbed" is an estimate and uses a combination of barometric sensor and possibly GPS data.

    If ambient barometric pressure is changing quickly it could or likely will screw up the estimates. The phone could also be recalibrating and correcting itself over that period.

    Which number is the better estimate in your opinion?
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    the latter number is the more accurate, so your explanation of revising the estimate does make sense.

    that said, it is a pretty substantially large difference in estimation, and while the correction was relatively fast in this example, I've seen it take upwards of an hour or two to sort itself out. this also seems to be a general issue with the health app, where it only shows data several hours old until I force quit the app and reopen.

    overall it seems like the health app is more for longer term review of activity trends than monitoring your activity levels throughout the day. Likely going to get a Fitbit to fill that void.

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