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Sep 29, 2007
Las Vegas
I have the following setup with the Health App on my iPhone 6+:

Jawbone Up Move - Steps and Sleep Analysis (reads and writes)
Withings - Weight (writes using the body analyzer)
My Fitness Pal - Workouts and weights (reads both)

Today the Up Move stopped sending steps to the Healthapp. The Healthapp is showing 1,602 steps for yesterday and the Up Move app is showing 12,176 steps (this is what I actually did). When I open up the steps widget and click on "Share Data" it shows the following Data Sources:


Underneath it says the sources are allowed to update your steps data. When multiple sources are available, on data sources will be chosen based on the priority order listed above.

I don't know how to change the priority order and if that will allow my Up Move to send the data to the Healthapp. This is especially troubling for me because my desired use pattern in the future would ideally involve the Jawbone Up Move and the :apple: Watch. I would like to have whichever device I am using at the time to track my steps and send them to the Healthapp.

Am I asking too much or is there something wrong with the Healthapp at this time?


Also, I ditched my fitbit flex because they don't have plans to integrate with the Healthapp and they don't allow for more than one device on an account at one time. I am a basketball official and when I work I need whatever device I am using to track my steps to be small enough to fit in my pocket. The fitbit flex was perfect for this, but I want Healthapp integration.


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Sep 29, 2014
Not sure if it makes the difference but I use Strava for getting my cycling into Health. Twice now it has stopped sending data. Each time the fix has been to remove the Strava app and reinstall. It will work again for a while.

When I deleted the app, the phone asked if I wanted to keep the health data. I said yes. Not sure if your app keeps files in a cloud or not so keep that in mind for your history if you decide to delete and reinstall like I have.
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