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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by pb1300, Jul 16, 2009.

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    Ive been traveling to Greece every summer since I was born. Ive never really had issues with my allergies until this year. I moved here permanantly June of last year, and had a fantastic summer; I went to the beach, traveled to islands, and just hung out with friends. This year, about the same time in June, I started getting short of breath, and bad allergies. I dont understand that. Then one day, I was lighting this type of charcoal at the house, and about an hour later, I got real dizzy. Days after that, I could walk the length of half a football field, and I would feel like I just ran the Boston Marathon. I was a smoker for about 14 years BTW.

    So I go to the doctor, and he gives me one antibiotic to take for 10 days, and 2 inhalers (1 morning/night, 1 afternoon) for 30 days. I havent had a cigarette in nearly a month, and I feel better than I did. Today, I go to the beach, have an iced coffee with sugar and milk, and leave later on. I head to the supermarket, and when I leave, I get that shortness of breath feeling again, but what it feels like is someone is strangling me. So Ive been thinking now, is it possibly the milk that I drink? When I wake up in the morning, I have a glass of milk normally for breakfast, and then I leave to go up the mountain to help on our house there. By the time I get there, I get that same strangling sensation, like something in my neck is real swollen.

    Im 31, and I was told that I was allergic to certain things a long time ago (8 years old I believe), like cats, dogs, milk. Sometimes and some kind of dogs and cats bother me, but milk never. I have 3 more days of the inhalers, then Im going back to the doctor on Monday. Im going to let him know about this strangling sensation, but I wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts about it. And the crazy thing is, when I got home, I carried about 15 bags of groceries up a floor to my apartment, and I felt better than I do now, typing this.
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    1) Don't ask for health advice on a forum, particularly a computer forum.
    2) Follow-up with the doctor. As your disease process evolves and changes with the previous interventions, the diagnosis will become clearer.
    3) Don't ask for health advice on a forum
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    Aigio, Greece
    Ha Ha...thats not funny.
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    You might need to see a specialist/allergist for testing. I've lived with allergies and asthma all my life and sometimes things can change. Maybe a new allergy develops or an old one goes away. A thorough testing should reveal any potential things that could trigger your allergies or breathing difficulties. Definitely take notes for your doctor, what were you around or doing right before the shortness of breath occurs, record you food items, and maybe pay attention to clothing items as well.

    Sorry to hear about your troubles and I hope you get your answers quickly. Not being able to breathe is scary.
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    Hi, eawmp1. You must be new to teh internets.
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    I definitely would go to a doctor for professional medical advice.

    That said, I would recommend keeping a journal of possible allergy triggers if you believe you are suffering from allergies. It might help your doctor/allergist/immunologist narrow things down. What did you eat/drink on days you had what you believe are allergic reactions. Any exposure to new things lately in your environment, like shampoos, soaps, linens, etc? New pets in your household or in places you hang out much (friend's house, for example)? List your symptoms/any experiences of how you felt and how long it lasted. If you took anything to help yourself (OTC allergy medicine for example), list that too - and if it helped at all.

    You could also try the elimination test. If you believe milk is your trigger, try to avoid it (and products containing it) and see if you keep feeling poorly.

    Good luck, and hope you feel better.

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