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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by carlgo, Jun 14, 2013.

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    These are evidently coming out later this year. Not to be confused with apps and gadgets available now. They may revolutionize the hearing aid industry and if you have been looking at getting HAs it might be a good idea to wait a little longer.

    There is a long list of interesting things this partnership might lead to, some saying that people may use them even if their hearing is fine.

    My thinking is that the iWatch idea is involved in this.

    Search the subject using the exact term used in the thread title above. Other word combos aren't as effective, at least with Google.
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    Thanks! That's good to know that hearing aids made for the iPhone are coming out later year as I'm sure other folks with a hearing loss (including myself) will happy to purchase it.
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    WTF are you guys talking about? Why would anyone that doesn't need a hearing aid wear one? That could actually damage your ear more than it helps. PLUS what would the advantage of having an iAid over every other existing hearing aids?

    Did your search and found this: http://thehearingblog.com/archives/1348#.Ub2HcNhhuSo
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    I can imagine almsot everyone wanting a pair. Here's a few reasons why

    Once affordable, we' re talking all day wireless headphones. Current Hearing aid purchasers can already answer phone calls. Listen to music, movies and group chat. Unfortunately, it's not as elagent or as affordable as it could be. You currently have to wear this large bluetooth connection box around your neck that was designed for 80+ year olds to use (think 2" keys).

    Also, imagine connecting to voice/data service via services like Siri or Google Voice with an internet connection via your smartphone. Perhaps this could end up being like google glass... only less creepy. More FBI agent than Cyborg I suppose.

    beyond that the same technology that adapts and amplified specific audio frequencies could help those with good hearing prevent hearing loss by adjusting sound/frequency levels down for overly loud sounds/music. Think also of walking around with a personal equalizer in your ear. May professional musicians use hearing aids (in ear monitors as they like to call them) for exactly these purposes.
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    Yes, I got this a long time ago, a clear sales pitch to buy, buy, buy now. I didn't consider that post useful.

    Would the hearing aids be more dangerous than earbuds or headphones when they are used the same way? Actually they could turn the volume down if you found yourself in a room with a bad, but loud band.

    Thinking about it, parents could set the maximum loudness on the app so that the kids can't crank it up like they sometimes do now, really hurting their ears.

    The advantage is that your phone and music could play through high quality little speakers in your ear, pretty much invisible, and of course if your hearing was shot you could live a better life. Many even young people have had their hearing damaged in battle, in loud shops, in bands and many are born with varying levels of hearing disabilities. Many of them refuse to wear aids now because they are not cool, but this would change.

    Your phone app would adjust the sound, much like an equalizer for a stereo. There could be pre-sets for noisy bars, for quiet nature walks, for conversation, etc. Audiologist now have no choice but to come up with settings that fit average use, often not ideal for certain situations.

    What could be interesting is to combine this with GPS. If you walk into a bar your settings would change automatically, then change again when you go to the chess club.

    Those with particular problems could focus narrowly on the person they are talking to. High end aids now use various auditory schemes to isolate subjects, but imagine being able to just totally concentrate on one person in a noisy place.

    Right now quality hearing aids cost from $6000 to $9000! Medicare, insurance...almost no plan of any sort covers these. That is one hell of a lot of money to pay out and one reason that only a fraction of the population who needs these has them.

    Audiologists are very worried that there will be internet sales of hearing aids that the buyers would then adjust themselves on their phones, with the help of apps perhaps, and even they agree many people could do a good job of this and they would fine tune it over time. Consumer Reports found that some huge percentage of hearing aids were not adjusted properly by audiologists, something like 60%! So, we could do just as well in most cases. Can you hear, does it sound natural...not that hard with the help of what we expect would be good apps.

    In any case, the hope is that competition from direct sales would bring down the costs significantly.

    This post was too long and I did not cover all the benefits that iAids would bring. It is a big deal.

    BTW, just to be clear, Apple would not make the aids. They would just work with manufacturers, and it seems the big ones are on board for this, to make sure the iPhone app and the aids would work properly (this is important due to messing around with medical stuff).
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    Oct 4, 2013
    Are there any Made for iPhone hearing aids available?

    I've been waiting for over a year since Apple's initial "Made for Apple" initiative for the new hearing aids to be announced. Where are they????
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    I've been keeping half an eye out for these. My son is hearing impaired and currently wears Oticon Agile Pro Powers (yes, they cost over $5000!). He has a streamer he can connect with bluetooth to his iPad mini, the TV, etc but when he has that running he can't hear much else going on and always tends to leave it laying places and not finding it quickly. It often is out of charge too and he has to wear it plugged in charging.
    I will be a real nice upgrade if he can ditch the big bluetooth necklace for better connectivity.
    Right now he is in high school and still using a flip phone, but I've held onto our 4S for him to move up into.
  8. brian.soares macrumors newbie

    Jul 3, 2017
    I don't know whether we will soon have iPhone app that using wearables (or hearables) can replace hearing aids. However, I think that Apple Airpods or Samsung iconX have the potential to become at least as powerful as PSAPs (amplifiers). There is already one app in the store that follows this approach for mild hearing loss like the one I have. I usually have no problem with hearing but in noisy situation I struggle a lot, especially if abroad and in conversations with foreigners.
    I installed on my iphone 6 an app called Fennex, compatible with airpods.Well the sounds its pretty good, i was able to better feel the sounds around me when I have used the iphone microphone to capture the sound.
    Anyway these solutions are applications are far from replacing hearing aids but I hope they will soon be of help for occasional users like me.
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    I got an email that this thread had a response so I thought I'd post this link. Next summer (simply because he's away at college until then and doesn't have the time) my son will be trialling these hearing aids that have interconnectivity with his iPhone.
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    Raises hand. :)
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    I think we are very close to having an app that can replace hearing aids. If you think well, hearing aids even if they are improved are always old-fashioned technology, were there many years ago or not? Instead, we have the advanced technology on the iphone and apple products in general.Does anyone think it differently?

    Also I installed the FENNEX app as I have some hearing problem I was curious to check how it worked.
    Really amazing, it starts with a little hearing test. And immediately afterwards the software is tailored to our needs. it is not fantastic?
    Then you have the choice of pre-set scenes for common everyday situations. In addition to this, for the more experienced, you can use an advanced equalizer that makes it possible to customize even more settings. Not to mention the possibility of choosing which of the various microphones you want to use.
    The sound is great with earbuds, fantastic as you isolate the sounds from the noises. With airpods the sound is even better but unfortunately there is a bit of delay, at first I thought I was making some mistake, but actually it is a technical problem (we hope this is soon fixed by the developers). However if you look for something that looks like an acoustic or at least a sound amplifier this app and try

    App Store Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fennex-augmented-hearing-app/id1210366382?l=it&ls=1&mt=8

    Official website Link: https://www.fennex.io/
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    My good friend has been using hearing aids for many years and switched to hearing aids that connect via Bluetooth to any device.

    They have been extremely effective and far better than holding a phone to his ear which can cause feedback.

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