Hearing "gaps" in between continuous tracks with iTunes


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Jul 16, 2010
I've also recently started noticing the lack of gapless playback when listening on my iPhone to tracks synced from my Windows PC with iTunes. I assumed it had to do with recently joining Apple Music, but now I'm not so sure. Tracks that used to be properly gapless on both iPhone and iTunes now have gaps.

As I test, I found one album that was still properly playing as gapless in iTunes. I deleted the album, restarted iTunes, and re-added the files from my PC. Suddenly the tracks were playing with gaps.

One thing I noticed - when you add files, iTunes used to pop up a little message saying "determining gapless playback information", but it no longer does so. Seems like this feature might have been removed with some recent iTunes update?


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Mar 13, 2004
Hi all !.
Can anyone advise me with an update on this issue please as I myself can not seem to sort out this issue of not having gaps between tracks when I am trying to burn a cd that doesn't require any as it is a mixed cd.
All I remember is what I only ever needed to do when attempting this was in the write disc menu that pops up when u go to burn a cd is select 'none' for gap between songs
That was it !
However its really making no difference when I do this and when I go to playback the created disc both within iTunes still and then when I try it out on any stereo it (Very annoyingly) has put the gaps in.
Why ????
This surely can not be the way itunes is now as many music cds are continuous and don't have or need gaps.

Advise would be very much appreciated as there must be a way of sorting this.
Thank you !