Heart Analyzer App Gains New HR Metrics and Exportable Monthly Reports


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Apr 12, 2001

Version 7 of Heart Analyzer was released today, and the popular third-party heart-rate app for iPhone and Apple Watch has gained some additional features for users looking for even deeper insight into their HR data.

In addition to the wealth of graphs, metrics and reports already available, Heart Analyzer can now also produce monthly PDF reports on a user's heart rate. This exportable metric is inspired by the Apple Watch ECG reports that can be exported in Apple's Health app.

The app has also got a new Heart Home tab where users can get more personalized metrics. Details such as maximum and minimum heart rates, cardiac exercise levels and VO2Max offer greater detail on HR readings and fitness based on age and biological sex.

In addition, the user interface has been simplified by the introduction of new card interfaces and natural gestures, improving ease of navigation within the app without removing the level of detail (and in some cases adding even more).

The app never transmits any data from the users iPhone, and there are no third party analytics and no ads. Heart Analyzer is a free download for iPhone on the App Store, and users who wish to support development can unlock small options via in-app purchases. [Direct Link]

Article Link: Heart Analyzer App Gains New HR Metrics and Exportable Monthly Reports
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May 14, 2012
Tried the free version with my Samsung Galaxy Fit. Shows some data but not as much as Apple's Health app or Samsung Health. Doesn't show daily info just weekly summaries? Even if I tap daily view? I'm probably doing it wrong. Does show some graphs.


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Oct 12, 2010
this is a great app for those that can use all the metrics. I was overwhelmed.
I tried the paid tier, but ultimately found the app too confusing for me and went with a simpler free heart app instead.


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Dec 11, 2012
Cincinnati, Ohio
I just tried the app out. It has some very nice metrics and charts, but I had to laugh at the Maximum HR information page. It shows a Formula Maximum HR of 171 for me (220 - age) as a dotted line with multiple red bars exceeding the dotted line. The text underneath says that "Your data indicates that you have exceeded the recommended maximum heart rate for your level. This can be dangerous and should be avoided."

That text indicates a complicate misunderstanding of what a maximum HR is. Max HR is not a recommendation; it is an individual physical limit. If you can exceed it, it's not your max HR.

It also ignores the almost complete uselessness of the maximum HR formula. (The app uses the most common formula: 220 - age.) The standard deviation in the population is too high for any of the formulas to be of much use, and there's some evidence that the age-related decline in max HR is far less in endurance athletes than in the general population. (I don't see any evidence that my max HR of ~190 has changed from my mid-30's to age 49.)

It would be more useful if the app let one enter a max HR number or adopt the highest-recorded HR as your max.

Edited: I did eventually find a Max HR Override setting in the app. I can't tell yet what it changes in the app, but the idea is there.
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