Heart Rate Monitors - how to verify it's connected and what app is most like Garmin Fenix?

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    I'm coming from a Garmin Fenix setup and am wondering the following:

    I've got the Scosche app set up in the iphone app and connected to to strava and Apple health. It shows a heart rate on the Scosche app so I am assuming it is coming from the Scosche armband.

    However when I start a workout in something like my Strava watch app or Apple workout app, how can I verify if I'm reading heart data from my Scosche armband rather than my apple watch? The watch doesn't seem to be very quickly updating the heart rate which makes me think that it's not.

    Also, my gym treadmill was previously reading my heart rate from my Garmin fenix setup but it wasn't when I used my Apple watch and Scosche strap. Since it's also Ant+ compatible I assumed it would.

    Lastly, does anyone have any recommendations for an app for the watch that allows me to show at least 4 data points of my choosing at once? On my Garmin Fenix I typically have cadence, HRM %, total time, and pace.
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    It looks like the Scosche is an optical monitor, why not just use the one on the watch?
    If you want accuracy, then you need a chest strap
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    Nov 7, 2016
    I was under the assumption that the Scosche band would be far superior to the Apple watch...and I haven't had much luck with the watch during workouts. It sometimes doesn't find a pulse for quite a while then doesn't update often. Maybe I'll switch to a chest strap that connects to the watch. The results of my first workout weren't good, during my runs the heart rate seemed to work, during the portions with weights, it stayed at the same heart rate...strange.
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    Scosche is as accurate as a Polar chest strap, though timing may lag behind by 1 second. And, the Scosche doesn't drop out if not enough moisture, etc. You can check in settings, bluetooth once the Scosche is paired to see that it is connected. Also, when you are getting a HR reading you can pull the watch up. If the green light is not on, HR is coming from the Scosche. I use my Rhythm + or Rhythm 24 exclusively with my two Apple Watches, Fenix 5, and Fenix 5 Plus....
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    As for apps, check out the only complete workout app. It's called WorkOutDoors. I did early beta testing with the developer, who is incredibly responsive to emails or posts. Check out the Apple Watch Applications forum on this board. No doubt there is still a WorkOutDoors thread or two near the top. It's a top app for 2018....
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    Nov 7, 2016
    It sounds like it's not connected properly in that case, I'll check that again next workout and see if I can figure out the issue...and wow! WorkOutDoors looks incredible from the screenshots. Going to try it out.
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    To verify a connection, check out the Bluetooth settings on your Watch. I use a heart rate monitor strap that my gym provided when I work out. It can connect to the watch via Bluetooth. This strap is great because it connects automatically when I wear it, and disconnects when I take it off.

    If you go into the Bluetooth settings on your Watch, you will see a section under Health Devices, and this is where you can verify if your arm band is connected or not (after you properly pair it, of course). My understanding is that if a health device (i.e., your arm band or my chest strap) is connected to the watch, the sensors in that device substitute for the sensors in the watch. Moreover, the data from that device are used and collected in the workout and health apps on the watch (and synced with apps on your phone).
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    Nov 7, 2016
    I had it connected to my iPhone. I disconnected it from there and then it showed up on my watch under bluetooth and I was able to connect it. However it didn't always stay connected. Perhaps because I still had the Scosche app on my iPhone. I exited out of it and so far so good. I'll also "forget" the Scosche armband on my iPhone.

    Can I ignore the Scosche Rhythm iPhone app? I am assuming it is not needed if I am using my watch for HRM tracking but just want to confirm.

    Thank you everyone for your help!

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