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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by KevinRightWing, Dec 6, 2018.

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    I have been on the sidelines for a while determining when I would upgrade my MacBook Pro. I have a 2011 17inch and I really like the 2018 15 inch MacBook pros. On my current setup, web browsing usually triggers the fans (I guess because of flash player) and I was just wondering if a 2018 machine would have less heat and be overall a lot quieter?
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    The issue is that the 2011 machine may have dust built up on the fans, and other areas trapping heat, and/or the thermal paste needs to be replaced. As for the 2018 MBP, it has two more cores and all things being equal, it will run hotter. The older models, such as my 2012 MBP tended to run a lot cooler then later generations, so I think overall you'll have a warmer experience but the age of your current laptop complicates the comparison as noted.
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    If you run software that asks for high CPU uptime, the system will enter high-power mode and will inevitably run hot and loud. It all boils down to the software you use and for how much time you spend in a high-power mode. If you routinely use websites that rely on ressource-hogging flash plugins, any Mac laptop will run hot and loud. There is a good reason why flash plugins are disabled in modern Safari ;)
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    My 15" 2011 run fans at idle speed for web browsing and video viewing. Use an adblocker.
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    What thermal paste do you use with your devices?

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    If you go to sites with a log of ads they are going to use a lot of CPU cycles and generate a lot of heat.

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