Heeeeelp! Old iMessages/texts keep disappearing

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    I have a couple of reeeeally long txt threads with both iMessages and regular texts. Earlier today I was trying to find an old message in one of them, so I kept hitting the "load earlier messages" button.. & realized that I can go back for a while but four or five pages of the oldest messages are missing :/ and everytime I send a new one, the oldest one disappeares. Whyyyyy? I didn't realize until now & I really want those messages back if possible. Have anyone else heard of this problem & is there a way to get them back? & (yes I realize this is probably an unrealistic wish) Since I registered my e-mail/apple id, could the messages possibly be hiding in a folder somewhere in my e-mail account?
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    Every time you back up your iPhone to your computer, your text messages are backed up, as well. The text messages are contained within the iPhone backup. There's probably a way to view them normally, but I use the SMS log from the Missing Sync for iPhone (not free, unfortunately). I don't know for certain whether the iTunes iPhone backup prunes its own text messages - I've had the SMS log since I had an iPhone, so while I can see messages from the very beginning, I don't know if it's because the SMS log makes its own backups or if it's because they're still in the iTunes backup file.

    There are probably other SMS log viewers around - might as well Google to see if there's a free or cheaper one available. Within my log, group messages are not grouped; instead, messages are attributed from each individual contact, which can make it hard to follow a discussion. Also, it doesn't seem like images are backed up.

    I don't know how this would all relate to backups made to iCloud.

    I hope it's helpful - good luck.

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