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    Nov 13, 2009
    Good news to all. Heli Attack released on appstore. Attractive action game for your iPhone and iPod Touch. iTunes link http://bit.ly/bEPAAt

    Game Description
    In “Heli Attack” you are a Para Trooper and your mission is to save yourself from the destructive force of the Helicopters and eliminate the Heli squadron.
    Get the highest score possible by shooting down the helicopters. At the same time you must avoid the helicopter's fire at you! Be careful! The movement of the Para trooper will be followed by the helis. So always try to dodge the heli by moving.

    • Ten Hazardous and Sensational zone.
    • Experience the high quality graphics and striking backgrounds.
    • Feel the exciting and inspirational music on each zone.
    • Four different startling weapons for a soaring attack.
    • Heli’s are very much self maneuverable and tough to destroy.
    • New life on each new stage.
    • Get detailed help on the “help” page in the game.
    • You can submit score anytime you want.

    Don’t get stuck. Take part in the exciting and challenging battle of eliminating helicopters and survive yourself from the attack of the heli!

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