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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ZizousamA, Sep 10, 2014.

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    Ladies and Gents,

    Please assist me if you have any information that can lead to a resolution

    I have a Macbook Pro Retina Display 15 inch 2013 that recently presented a problem with charging where the battery would not be charged by the MagSafe. The status of the battery was normal, I also bought another adapter to be sure, and I tried the SMC reset to no avail. Shortly after, the device became very slow and unresponsive. At that point, I tried a reformat in hopes of boosting the performance somehow. When I tried the internet re-install, the device wouldn't download the OS, and a text would appear claiming the device is not recognized by apple.

    I took it to the retailer I bought it from. They said the warranty is void for the device is "soaked-flodded" with a liquid, presumably water! This shocked me greatly. I am certain that no liquid of any kind ever got into the device. I am very meticulous with the device, and am the only user.

    For the sake of fairness, maybe something got into it when I wasn't around it, but the possibility of that is very very slim to non. Moreover, if the device was soaked with a liquid, wouldn't one surely notice it by a sticky keyboard, feeling something when picking it up?

    I was even more perplexed when the rep told me that the liquid "water" is recent. If they said it appeared old, I would have had faint doubts, but I am sure that recently nothing of the sort ever happened.

    My question, Is there any possibility that liquids from within the Macbook leaked due to this problem?

    I can't believe that the device was subject to water to the extent where they'd find traces of liquid across the board. There is the possibility that they did it, but that may prove too bothersome to prove.

    If you have any insight, please do tell. Sorry for the lengthy post, but I'm very surprised and shocked by their analysis.
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    Who is the retailer you bought it from? Are they an AASP (Apple Authorized Service Provider)?

    Why don't you take it to an Apple Store? Or, if thats not an option, look here to find an AASP. https://locate.apple.com/country
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    If you live in a hot and humid country, the water tester (if there is any) may turn red just because of the high humidity. It's also possible to form that trace in extreme condition (e.g. Take the MacBook out from a air conditioning room to a very humid place).

    Anyway, it's hard to argue with them, you better contact Apple directly. At least try to talk to them on the phone and try to negotiate a solution.

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