Hello All. I gots a question.


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Jan 1, 2007
San Francisco
I have a 40 gig external hard drive and I am going to go down to the Apple store and get a 160 external. My question is what is a good program that will like clone the drive over.

Most of the stuff on it is windows stuff. I installed all my games on it. Do I have to install it again or can I clone it?

What is a good program.



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Jun 11, 2007
I'm in the same situation. I don't know any app/program.
So far I've been backing up files and installers... (I've done 2 clean install since then, works fine so far)
now is it better to clone the HD instead? (if yes, answer the original post for a program...lol)
Thank you

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Jun 29, 2007
For me, it depends on how much stuff I have on the system to be concerned with. Personally, I don't religiously use my macbook, so I really only have a need to backup my .dmg files for install, bookmarks, and photos. If the OS or hard drive decides to crap out, I'm perfectly happy reinstalling the OS, software, and copying file backup to the system afterwards. On my desktop, however, I have so much stuff (and it is Windows, takes longer to get back up and running) - I do clone the hard drive.


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May 18, 2007
I use SuperDuper to clone my hard drive to a backup hard drive. I also use Chronosync to sync the Document folders on my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro. Both work very well. SuperDuper in particular is much easier to use than most of the Windows programs I used to use.

(And since I'm a backup freak, I also use the Mozy online backup service.)