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    Our game Hello Copter is now free to celebrate the release of our next 2 games:

    Time Sliders ($0.99) (Free)

    Time Sliders is a block based puzzle game. The aim is to slide the blocks to create a picture of a snapshot of history. Thrown in amongst the puzzle pieces will be bombs, bonuses, multipliers and more.

    Progress through 40 LEVELS of historical hijinks, as new level elements are introduced to keep gameplay fresh and engaging.

    Time Sliders features a Story Mode, for a marathon chronicle of the universe, as well as Level Select mode, so your favourite levels can be played individually.

    Inner Spin ($0.99) (Free)

    Build up energy to activate the high-scoring MULTIPLIER mode!

    Build up and knock down CASCADES to score BIG and SURVIVE!

    It's a FUN colour-matching experience unlike any other!

    Visit our website for more details and the ability to play the lite versions on Kongregate :)


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    Hi, Thanks for replying. There are currently no plans for a Mac App Store version. There may be an update on the iOS devices that may or may not feature Zombies! :D

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